Welcome to M Industries where we position our clients as leaders in their space by building connected brands.

M Industries is a Toronto based branding and marketing agency run by Sabaina Malik. Our job is to innovate business identity, develop marketing strategy, build brand identity and messaging to position you for success. 

As a partner at the table we immerse ourselves in your current brand, then develop a strategic roadmap to deliver results. 

Sabaina and her team collaborate with agencies, consultants and creatives to elevate their clients’ businesses and help them achieve new professional goals.

Sabaina Malik is no neophyte to the world of branding. She’s gone from helping launch Old Navy in Canada as a former leader to strengthening Kiehl’s—a L’Oreal brand—and their position in the luxury skin and body care arena. After four years of exciting work, strategic victories and non-stop travel from Toronto to New York, Sabaina switched gears and began to take on her own clients. But before she could put her fledgling business in sixth gear, she was headhunted by Apple and asked to oversee the Apple Store, managing multiple facets of the tech company’s retail operation in Ontario while leading a team of 150.

After five amazing years of constant adaptation and innovation at Apple, Sabaina once again set out on her own, this time launching M Industries, a business venture that would enhance brands’ success via better content. Today Sabaina uses everything she has learned in operations, branding, and marketing strategy to collaborate with agencies, consultants, and creatives to elevate her clients’ businesses.

Her philosophy: Sabaina’s philosophy is to embrace change, innovate intelligently, and move forward together.

Sabaina lives with her daughter Zara near Lake Ontario, in Oakville.



M Industries’ Creative Director is the faboulous and always evolving, Leah Dallimore. With over 13 years of experience in captivating brand, expericne and product design, Leah is a graduate of Ontario College of Arts & Design and has been fortunate to learn from the industry’s best. Over the years, she has honed her talents and fine-tuned her leadership attributes to become one of Ontario’s most in-demand creatives. She loves exploring different facets of design and building relationships with clients to deliver extraordinary results.

Leah’s artistic gift is balanced out by her athletic side and was once a AAA hockey player who turned down a US scholarship to pursue her dreams in design. Being a designer has always been her major passion and that goal became a reality through years of hard work, commitment, and tenacity. The thing to know about Leah is consisent seacrh for the exceptional — whether it be how she works, the clien expereince she helps create or choosing the right wine for dinner. Leah doesn’t settle and never ceases to miss an opportunity to learn. And while she has many talents that make her special, it’s her eye for detail and endearing personality that makes her a hit with clients.

When her work day’s done, Leah’s a fun-loving wife and mother. She enjoys her downtime creating wonderful memories with her family. She also loves travelling and plans to tour Hawaii in the near future. One of her favourite things to do is to help kids with learning disabilities and shares her positive motivation with them as often as possible. Never one to settle or disappoint, Leah lives by the motto, ‘Always take the extra step to greatness, and choose to see the good because you can.’


Words have always played an important role in Adam Ferreira’s life. As a Search Engine Marketing specialist for over a decade and a Juno Award-winning songwriter, his ability to convey messages that connect with an audience is more than a career to Adam, it’s his purpose.Since 2009, he has worked closely with small businesses and corporations to craft impactful campaigns and engage potential clientele. Name an industry and he’s likely played a creative role helping a company find success in it.

From Insurance and Law Firms, to Bars and Restaurants, and even Garage Doors and Mattresses, Adam has used his versatile vocabulary to capture attention and turn clicks into customers. He’s now taken his talents to the M Industries team and manages copywriting duties for the organizations and their roster. From content writing, to ads and campaigns, Adam does it all so it’s no surprise that the M Industries team counts on him as their in-house wordsmith to express any story they tell.

When Adam’s not writing content or making music, you can find him out in the city walking his 10-year-old bulldog, Shango, or enjoying a patio with friends.


In the world of marketing, there are Account Executives and then there is Stephen Guiseppi. Stephen is an online presence virtuoso who tailors brands like no other. An Mohawk College alumnus, Stephen majored in Marketing and previously made waves directing campaigns with Reebok and OLG.

Stephen’s an innate creative with a keen eye for fashion and design. This allows him to leverage his experience as an In-House Stylist in the PR industry to fuse his creative passions and marketing expertise for our very diverse client base.

Exceeding expectations for VIP clients is nothing new to Stephen. With an extensive portfolio of managing celebrities, lifestyle experts, and various media and film accounts, he continues to create captivating content that captures the eye of any onlooker.

Offline, his time is spent enjoying music and walking his beloved rescue dog, Charlie. Stephen’s also very committed to serving his community and has volunteered at an anti-human trafficking organization for over 7 years.


M Industries is driven to achieve tangible, measurable results for our clients. We start by understanding our client’s goals and aspirations.

As your partner we immerse ourselves in your current brand and develop a strategic roadmap designed to create success and grow your business. We think outside of the box and create positive change that delivers your desired results.


Palazzo Riccucci

We came across M Industries on Instagram in 2018. Their services and track record are impressive, so we sent a message. Sabaina happened to be in Rome at the time and we connected right away. A few months later, we flew Sabaina to our hotel in Marche for a week and we had many discussions about our brand and marketing needs. Sabaina and her team are highly skilled in their field. They showed us the opportunities in our business and have been instrumental in our growth as a destination for travel and in the expansion of our market share.
Their strategic plan, market insights, and experience in hospitality has brought our hotel measurable growth. Our renewed digital marketing and social media outreach has allowed us to expand our reach and attract guests from a wider audience.

We have found working with an international marketing agency very beneficial. They think like our guests and can, therefore, connect us with our target audience better than a local agency. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with M Industries.

Maicol Riccucci, Fabiola Costanzi & Emanuele Caraceni Founder, CEO & Management

Barry Cohen Homes

We started our relationship with Sabaina in 2015 as we began the re-branding of Barry Cohen Homes.
Sabaina and her team’s expertise and dedication to brining our vision to life has been exceptional. What we admire most is her ability to provide insights into our business and industry, encourage and implement change while repositioning our brand for continued success. Sabaina also acts as an advisor to us and we value her strategic insights and market intel.
Her creativity has exceeded our expectations.
We are delighted with the end result and continue to work with Sabaina to further develop our brand presence, ensure our marketing is effective and strategic PR to expand our reach.
Working with M Industries is like working with a partner, not an agency.


Barry Cohen and Justin Cohen
Founder and Broker


Sabaina (or M Industries) has completely changed not only my brand, but my outlook on the importance of marketing. After working with Sabaina and her team, I am much more confident in my brand, myself, and how I present to my clientele. Sabaina is reliable, hard working, trustworthy, and she always has my best interest in mind. She has truly become a friend and a mentor to me. Sabaina really understands her clients, and that is what makes the difference. She knows how to market each of her clients based on the understanding of who we are as individuals.

I can’t thank Sabaina and her team enough for all of the hard work and support I have received.


The Buzz Conference

I had a chance to sit down and have a talk with Sabaina Malik over coffee at lovely community branded coffee houses on a number of occasions. We not only discussed opportunities, but various components of brand & marketing. She is very passionate about her work & enhancing the message and its value both online & offline for business professionals. Sabaina spoke recently at our On-Line Buzz Conference for the Canadian Women’s Association of Realtors iwCONNECT, Queen Bee Edition. Her message resonated with all Attendees. She spoke on Brand & Marketing, and being authentic yet also relevant during exceptional times but also during crisis.
While we navigate COVID-19, and as we pivot, we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our business. Sabaina made it clear we need to humanize our message to elevate & enhance our reputations both personally & professionally. How communities, clients, colleagues and others see us, will be determined not by our logo or tag line, but by our voice & corporate responsibilities as humans. That was Sabaina’s message iwCONNECT and she delivered it beautifully to us.

Thank you Sabaina, looking forward to working with you again soon!

Virginia Munden

The Buzz Conference, www.thebuzzconference.com

The Canadian Women’s Council of Realtors, CWCoR.org
Virginia Munden


Solidifying my brand as a new agent with a quick ramp-up period in a competitive market meant everything to the future success of my career.

Partnering with M Industries meant upping my game by developing a solid marketing strategy to attract clients that I wanted to work with! I started to see immediate results once deciding to work together. Inquiries started pouring in from all channels Sabaina had recommended to deploy. I was up and running with buyers and sellers in no time.

If you’re looking for a company with hustle, that delivers on what they preach, that is truly dialed in to the latest marketing trends while keeping to task on overall vision then I suggest inviting Sabaina to the table – you’ll never look back.

Shen Walji
Real Estate Broker
Dan Cooper Group
Oakville | Toronto


It has been an exciting journey working with M Industries and Sabaina over the past 4 years! Her passion for continuous improvement and out-of-the box approach to growing our business is refreshing and one of the reasons we love working together! From re-branding my business, to hiring and coaching my team, social media and marketing, Sabaina provides strategic counsel on almost every facet of the business. 
Sabaina’s extensive experience and expertise have made her an integral part of our group. Our business has experienced substantial growth since we began this journey and we look forward to working with Sabaina for many years to come! 
Dan Cooper
Broker & CEO

TicketPay Ltd

As we approached the launch of our mobile app, one of our main concerns was coming to market with the right branding and strategy.  Sabaina and her talented team reviewed our company’s plan and provided an effective roll-out to give us the best shot at success.  I can’t thank them enough for the expertise and commitment they gave us when we needed it the most. I highly recommend any one looking to properly position their business to consider M Industries. You won’t regret it.

TicketPay Ltd
Adam Ferreira, Partner


I am a real estate agent and have been in the industry for almost a decade. In 2018, I decided to take my marketing efforts to the next level in order to grow my business. Sabaina introduced me to the world of Social Media Marketing and building a personal brand via Instagram. In just a short time, my followers have doubled, the engagement level has increased dramatically and everywhere I go, people are telling me how much they are enjoying my social media content. My brand introduces me before I even get there and this is opening new doors in my life and business. I am thrilled to be working with M Industries and highly recommend Sabaina and her team to anyone who wants to build a brand.”

Grail Springs

Grail Springs management decided it was time for a branding refresh in 2015 and we turned to Sabaina Malik. Her passion and expertise for making sure our messaging was on point and relevant to our present and future demographic showed skill and insight and we are delighted with the increase in business and successes we have enjoyed as a result of the our rebranding exercise with M Industries!

Madeleine Marentette
Founder and CEO Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, Bancroft, Ontario


Sabaina was hired to helm the first Kiehl’s flagship on Queen Street in Toronto. The store was the first foray for the L’Oreal Group in free standing stores in Canada. Sabaina demonstrated strong leadership in enabling and developing her team while keeping the head office appraised and involved when needed. She developed a strong retail strategy that led to brand recognition within the community and revenue increase. She spearheaded organic outreach and innovative corporate sales strategies that increased awareness and contributed to the bottom line. Sabaina is a head strong, result oriented individual with an ability to diffuse stress and create a playful learning environment.

TRAN Minh-Dan
Brand Director

RP Communications

It has been a great pleasure working with M Industries and its principal, Sabaina Malik over the past year. Sabaina is an industry leader and visionary constantly delivering results. Her sharp attention to detail and unmatched work ethic makes her a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to remain ahead of current trends gives her an advantage above her competitors. Sabaina’s passion for her clients and their success is inspiring and shows how much she loves what she does. Her loyal roster of long term clients is a testament to her work. I look forward to working with Sabaina and her team on a long-term basis.

Randy Phipps
Founder and Publicist


Being referred to Sabaina and M Industries is the greatest thing to ever happen to my career. I was a realtor who was looking to elevate my business to the next level for a long time but I couldn’t find the right marketing company who saw the same vision as I did. And then I met Sabaina. We had an initial meeting where we got to know each other and hit it off right from the start. She really took the time to get to know me in order to create the most unique brand that truly reflects who I am and how I want to be portrayed to my clients.

Sabaina came up with the most incredible idea to fly to Italy to incorporate my Italian heritage into my branding, photography, videos and website which is something that no other marketing professional would have ever thought of or even had the resources to do. She built me a high end luxury brand that has never been done by any realtor in Ontario before.

Sabaina’s expertise and in depth knowledge of the real estate industry and constantly changing market cannot be matched and this is why she is the absolute best person to position any realtor for success. Ever since I hired Sabaina my online presence looks extremely professional and I am on pace to have the best year of my career. This has been a life changing experience for me and she made a lifelong client along the way. I’ve also made an amazing new friend along the way. 5 stars!

Angelo Persico
Real Estate Agent

Dorian Rodrigues

First off, Sabaina started off as a complete stranger, and now she is someone I truly consider a GREAT friend! She not only ensures my branding, my image and all my marketing is on point, she also ensures I am doing everything I can to further my business. She cares about all of her clients and I cannot be any luckier to have her in my corner. To this day, I get a TON of compliments on my marketing and that is all because of her. She is a brilliant mind. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!!

Dorian Rodrigues


Sabaina Malik and M Industries experience in the beauty, technology and fashion industries played a defining role in the restructuring and strategizing of my re-branding as an Artist, DJ and Producer (Events and Music). Her insight in helping me connect the dots was more then instrumental in leading up to the unveiling of new brand and website, further enhancing the latest chapter of my career.

DJ Nana
Artist, DJ And Producer


Together M Industries’ Sabaina Malik and BLVD’s Scott Christie catapulted client, Larose Real Estate Team’s brand identity above all Mississauga competition.

Scott Christie


Sabaina’s vision and talent to bring together the best team, in order to create the right branding for M Industries clients is extraordinary. She has the ability to build unique brands that deliver results, every single time.

International Award Winning Photographer


What sets M Industries apart form larger agencies is that Sabaina and her team took the time to really understand our business and were able to accurately assess our needs when it comes to Branding and Marketing. They are strategic and innovative, their process is designed to refresh and renew the business which has helped us stand out and gain market share.
We continue to work with M Industries to stay ahead of our competition and keep the new Brand fresh.

Marlene Baur & Kevin Larose
Broker & CEO


Sabaina and I collaborated on M Industries’ client Dan Cooper Group to create a cohesive brand strategy for his business. The project deliverables have benefited Dan Cooper Group’s business, team and clients since the launch in June 2015.

Omar Khan
Marketing Strategist