DJ Nana

The Challenge

DJ Nana started his music career at the young age of 14. Since then, he has performed throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Though Nana’s talent is unmatched by others in his vertical and his abilities world class, he struggled to get the recognition he deserved in his field.

Nana had gained international recognition as a DJ and Producer in the Industry inner circles but his brand failed to position him to stand out in a very busy industry.

What We Did

With a careful and strategic investigation of the music Industry,  M Industries uncovered insights that led to a discovery of what success looks like for an artist in a highly competitive landscape.

We paired our newfound insights with market research and specific strategies that resulted in a world class brand for DJ Nana, building his brand identity based on his heritage and talents. In addition, we shifted the direction of the business through changes to Nana’s Social Media, Communications and Strategic Alignments.

We realized that we needed to engage all of the senses in Nana’s new identity as music is not just heard but felt—it can move an audience. The visual artistry and beauty of this project is intentional and designed to connect at a deeper level.


M Industries has helped “Nana” become a recognized, world class Gladiator of Music.

The new DJ Nana brand launched in June 2017 provides the uber talented artist with a world class brand that has elevated him beyond the status quo in the industry.

His branding has provided him with a clear set of guiding principles to facilitate growth in his business and to communicate his message to the world with clarity.

DJ Nana’s new identity has been translated into wearables and has been welcomed by his fans in an incredible way. His new brand position is opening new doors for Nana and his career.

DJ Nana's current brand position is opening new doors for Nana and his career.