Rina DiRisio

The Challenge

Rina operates in a highly saturated and competitive market of Oakville and Burlington. Several well-known real estate companies with recognizable brands and a significant marketing spend are her competitors. Rina’s brand was not positioned to achieve the success and recognition her business deserved so she lost opportunities to competitors, as clients perceived her competitors to be more powerful with a better marketing reach.

This caused Rina to look for a solution that would fortify her brand and allow her company to share its expert services with a wider audience. So naturally, she contacted us.

What We Did

Our deep dive into her business led us to discover its unique nature, and the intel gathered from internal and external conversations further solidified the initial findings that they indeed do real estate differently. The boutique slant and concierge point of view make them a real estate agency, unlike others. We worked hard to understand the company’s rare aspects and packaged these visually in all their marketing.

In getting to know Rina herself, we discovered her passion for life, fashion, and music. The values and passions that drive her and her business helped us bring that vision to her brand. The brand identity, therefore, was inspired by Italian design houses — bold in color, elegant in font, and every aspect of the new identity was made to communicate their boutique difference.

Not only has this differentiated the Rina brand from competitors, but it has also positioned the company for growth.


“Everyone has commented on the new brand, and everyone has noticed”, says Rina who is excited to share her very clear and sophisticated brand with the market and open new doors.

The new identity and strategy have given the company an impactful look with great recall due to the colour, font and copy.

Rina and team are now positioned to compete, win and attain higher end business.

The clarity in brand messaging is making it easier for the right clients to choose Rina. The business is up and most importantly, Rina is now recognized for the leader she always has been

Real estate, but better.