The Challenge

Oakville’s real estate market is constantly evolving and despite Aboutowne’s longstanding reputation as a trusted Re/Max brokerage in the community, they faced a pressing challenge. They needed to reposition themselves to remain attractive to new and seasoned agents in the area. They also had to convey to their existing 300+ sales reps that they were not only innovative but at the forefront of the game. The Oakville market had become a breeding ground for new brokerage brands, and Aboutowne was no longer the undisputed choice.

What We Did

We specialize in redefining excellence and Aboutowne’s journey was perfect for that transformation. Our approach began by crafting a modern, stunningly revitalized brand identity that would set them apart. Every element, from the logo, the colour, and the language, was designed to convey their value proposition – the essence of what made Aboutowne exceptional.

We understood that the key to revitalization was to emphasize their heritage while embracing innovation. The brand we created represented the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, signaling to agents and clients alike that Aboutowne was not just in the game but leading it.


Aboutowne has once again became the talk of the town in Oakville. The revitalized brand, with its updated language and vibrant identity, rekindled the allure of the brokerage. New agents have began to flock to Aboutowne, and the existing 300+ agents have been reinvigorated and know that they are part of an organization that is now keeping up with the times and defining them. 

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