The Challenge

For Angelo Persico, the challenge was clear: he had significantly outgrown his previous brand, thanks to the tremendous success of our initial branding efforts. With his continued growth and expanding influence in the real estate market, he needed a refreshed brand identity that would not only reflect his achievements but also his deep-rooted connection to his Italian heritage and the values he holds dear.

What We Did

Together, we took on Angelo’s second branding endeavor with the goal of capturing his unique essence and passion. Our approach included highlighting Angelo’s special connection with Italy, showcasing his love and passion for his heritage, designing a brand identity that conveyed elegance, authenticity, and an upscale image, while creating visual elements and messaging that emphasized Angelo’s personal touch, genuine nature, and professional expertise. We also continued integrating his interests and community involvement, like his love for baseball and his work with local animal shelters, into his brand narrative. By intertwining these elements, we aimed to develop a brand that not only resonated with Angelo’s existing clients but also attracted new ones by showcasing his heartfelt approach and deep industry knowledge.


His new brand identity is a testament to elegance and authenticity, perfectly capturing the essence of who he is and what he stands for. The upscale and timeless design ensures that his brand will remain relevant and impactful for years to come.

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