Barry Cohen Homes

The Challenge

For Barry Cohen Homes, being at the pinnacle of the luxury real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area came with its own set of challenges. As the top luxury company, Barry Cohen Homes faced relentless competition from industry newcomers and close competitors who frequently copied their successful approach. Barry Cohen, a name that’s synonymous with excellence in Canadian real estate, needed a strategy to maintain his top position and refresh his brand to ensure sustained market dominance and client loyalty.

What We Did

For Barry Cohen Homes, Our rebranding efforts included:

Developing a fresh, sophisticated brand identity that mirrored Barry’s esteemed reputation.

Creating a new digital presence to enhance online engagement and reach.

Designing modern signage that stood out and reinforced the brand’s luxury status.

Redesigning the office space to reflect the elegance and prestige associated with Barry Cohen Homes.

By repositioning Barry Cohen Homes as the undisputed leader in luxury real estate, we aimed to fortify their market presence and reconnect them with their clientele and neighborhoods.


The rebranding efforts yielded significant market recognition, reaffirming Barry’s status as the most experienced and trusted luxury real estate agent in the GTA. Their refreshed marketing and digital presence put BCH back in touch with clients and made the brand the talk of the town once again. Barry Cohen not only retained their position as the top luxury real estate team but also strengthened their reputation as industry innovators and leaders. The new brand identity and enhanced visibility ensured that Barry Cohen Homes remained the go-to choice for luxury home buyers and sellers in the Toronto area.

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