Brokers Playbook

The Challenge

For Broker’s Playbook, a Canadian real estate podcast, the challenge lay in evolving from being just another podcast to becoming the epicenter of all things real estate – Education, Expertise, Community, and Collaboration. Despite hosting the podcast for some time, they found themselves at a crossroads, unsure of how to take the next step.

What We Did

To elevate Broker’s Playbook, we crafted a brand that would make them stand out like never before. Our approach began with a vibrant, cool brand identity that resonated with the audience.

We harnessed the power of color and intelligent taglines, like “Good For Real Estate,” to convey authority and establish a unique identity. This tagline not only summarized their mission but also served as an inspiration for their followers.


Broker’s Playbook went from being just a podcast to a powerhouse of influence in the real estate industry. Their cool brand identity turned heads and captured attention.

Today, they find themselves on stages, speaking to captivated audiences. They have successfully launched a training program that extends their reach and empowers professionals in the industry and they are being invited into new industry leadership initiatives, cementing their status as an authority in all things real estate.

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