Grail Springs

The Challenge

Bancroft Ontario’s Grail Springs is a leading health and wellness retreat centre staffed by a team of forty-five. The only designated Healing Hotel™ in Canada, Grail offers holistic diagnosis and treatment to make a profound impact on peoples’ lives. Customers often arrive in serious need of support, and leave completely renewed.

After 20 years in business, Grail Springs was struggling to distinguish themselves. Many potential clients misunderstood the centre as a simple spa or vacation retreat. Owner Madeleine Marentette needed to distinguish her space and communicate the significance of her practice to the right audience.

What We Did

After a careful analysis of the business and market, M Industries worked closely with Grail Springs to overhaul its entire visual identity and marketing strategy. We endowed the brand with original photography, a new subtle colour palette, a distinct logo based on the Marentette family’s coat of arms, and an experience of place.

New internal clarity helped define Grail Springs’ underlying value proposition. New vision and mission provided the basis for clarified goals regarding both team values and customer journey.

With a strong brand and marketing foundation in place, M Industries initiated an ambitious public relations campaign spread equally across traditional and social media.


In 2016 Grail Springs’ new brand, strategy, and media campaign garnered attention from the Toronto Star, CTV, Toronto Life, and bloggers around the world. Overall business is up 20% and climbing, and male customers have soared from almost none to roughly 30% of clientele. Grail Springs is attracting a new celebrity niche and a buzz has become apparent among clients and colleagues alike.

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