Kathleen Black

The Challenge

Kathleen Black is an industry veteran with 15 years of experience operating in a male-dominated real estate world so the challenge for Kathleen was multifaceted. Like many brands, she struggled with a lack of recognition and opportunities, feeling constantly overlooked. And as a woman, she faced additional hurdles in gaining the respect and recognition her qualifications deserved. We set out to reposition Kathleen’s brand to reflect her expertise and empower her in an extremely competitive industry.

What We Did

To reposition Kathleen’s brand, we embarked on a comprehensive transformation. Our approach began with polishing her online and web presence. We recognized the power of her feminine essence, which was a unique asset waiting to be celebrated. We designed a visual identity that combined the strength of bold fonts and colors with the powerful essence of femininity. It was a reflection of Kathleen’s qualifications, asserting her presence in a male-dominated landscape.

We also reinvented her marketing and social media strategy to emphasize the value she offered as a company. Every message, every post, and every interaction was tailored to showcase her expertise, leadership, and unique perspective.


Kathleen Black emerged as a recognized and respected figure in the real estate industry. Her rebranded identity, with its powerful yet feminine approach, serves as an inspiration for women in the field.

Her newfound recognition allowed her to raise her prices, aligning her services with the value she provided. Her rebranded summit, slated for launch in November, stands as a testament to her influence and empowerment in the industry.

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