M.Hull Real Estate

The Challenge

Melissa Hull is a talented and experienced professional in the world of real estate who found herself at a crossroads. After taking a decade-long hiatus to raise a family and promote her glamorous jewelry collection, the prospect of re-entering the dynamic real estate arena was both exciting and a little worrisome. Our team wanted to empower Melissa to make a triumphant return, reclaim her status, and confidently navigate an industry that had drastically evolved during her absence.

What We Did

Melissa’s story was an interesting and new opportunity for our expertise. We recognized that her rebranding was not merely a makeover but a catalyst to ignite her confidence and propel her back into the limelight.

Our creative journey began by closely studying Melissa’s vibrant and outgoing personality. We understood that her magnetic charm was an asset waiting to be showcased so our team’s mission was to craft a brand identity that not only aligned with her character but also served as a reflection of her prior experience in the industry.

The brand identity we designed exuded warmth, charisma, and the seasoned professionalism that defined Melissa’s career. It was a brand that spoke of confidence and experience, reminding all who encountered it that Melissa was a big deal!


The results were truly remarkable. Melissa’s rebranding positioned her as a formidable force ready to conquer the real estate markets once again. The confidence that emanated from her new brand identity was palpable, and it resonated with clients and colleagues alike. Her vibrant personality was no longer overshadowed by her hiatus; it was celebrated as a unique asset that set her apart. 

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