The Challenge

Madeleine Marentette is a luminary in the wellness industry so the challenge was to package and position herself to effectively share the extensive knowledge she had amassed over the years at Grail Springs and within the broader realm of holistic wellbeing. With her expertise as an author, designer, speaker, and spiritual guide, Madeleine wanted to create a cohesive personal brand that could amplify her message and reach a wider audience.

What We Did

For Madeleine, we created a personal identity that encapsulates Madeleine’s vision and inspirational essence while highlighting her roles as a wellness expert and spiritual guide. For her product Line, we crafted a unique line that reflects her holistic approach to wellbeing. This included designing packaging that aligns with her brand aesthetics and values and ensures that it’s not only visually appealing but conveys the message of wellness and connection to nature that Madeleine champions.


The results for Madeleine Marentette have been exceptional. Her brand has experienced enhanced visibility, the product line we helped create has been well-received, allowing Madeleine to share her knowledge and vision through tangible items that embody her holistic principles, and Madeleine is now positioned as a leading figure in the wellness space with a brand that authentically represents her expertise and values. 

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