The Challenge

The challenge for Mira International Realty was launching a new brokerage that specialized in international real estate. Mira was founded by Melissa Douglas, a seasoned lawyer, and Mercedes Nicol, an experienced realtor, and they were looking to combine their unique skills to create a trusted platform for global real estate investments. They needed a strong brand foundation that showcased their qualifications, expertise, and the distinct benefits they offer.

What We Did

We helped build Mira International Realty from scratch by highlighting the exceptional qualifications and global expertise of both founders. Our approach included:

Brand Development: We crafted a comprehensive brand identity that emphasized the unique blend of legal and real estate expertise Melissa and Mercedes bring to the table.

Positioning and Messaging: We developed clear, compelling messaging that communicated the benefits of investing in international real estate with Mira. This included their commitment to due diligence, supported by a distinguished global network.

Visual Identity: We designed a sophisticated and professional visual identity, including logos, color schemes, and branding materials that reflect the luxury and international scope of their services.

Digital Presence: Built a modern, easily navigable website and social media profiles to establish their online presence and engage with potential clients.


Once their brokerage was approved by the Toronto Real Estate Board, Mira International Realty launched with a bang, generating buzz and attracting interest from clients looking for reliable international real estate investment opportunities.

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