Phinney Real Estate
The Real Estate Blue Print

The Challenge

Phinney Real Estate, renowned for its client-focused, award-winning team, faced a branding and marketing dilemma. Despite their distinctive baby blue color, they had exhausted ideas on how to effectively leverage it. Our challenge was to revitalize their brand while maintaining their standout presence in a highly competitive market.

What We Did

Our approach centered on beauty, art, and elegance, reflecting the nature of the homes they sell. We looked to revamp their brand color from baby blue to a more sophisticated shade, enhancing the elegance and appeal of their identity. We also crafted a new visual identity that harmonized with the luxurious and artistic essence of their properties and developed marketing materials that exuded elegance and sophistication, aligning with their high standards and clientele expectations.


The results for Phinney Real Estate were truly outstanding. The updated brand identity, with its beautiful new blue hue, has reinforced their position as the Real Estate Blueprint. With increased market recognition and engagement, clients and the community have been responding positively to the refined aesthetic. 

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Elevating Standards, Redefining Excellence