Reach Real Estate

The Challenge

For Reach Real Estate, their main challenge was to transcend the image of being solely synonymous with their founder and lead realtor, Inder Singh. While Inder is undoubtedly a seasoned professional in his own right, the aim was to establish Reach Real Estate as more than just one individual in order to stand out in a crowded market, gain industry recognition, and expand their scope far beyond being a sales team.

What We Did

To propel Inder’s team to new heights, we began by shifting the focus from Inder Singh to the full entity – Reach Real Estate. Our vision was to create a brand identity that would not just redefine their position but also pave the way for diversification into areas such as finance, brokerage, media, and more.

Our journey led us to build a brand that was not about one person but a thriving ecosystem of real estate expertise. Their new identity showcased the company’s multifaceted capabilities and its commitment to innovation and excellence.


The transformation for Reach Real Estate allowed them to emerge as a powerful entity, distinct from any single individual. The rebranding helped them to recruit a diverse pool of agents, professionals who saw the potential to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.

Inder Singh also found himself more available to focus on growth tactics and strategic expansion, knowing that the brand now represented a collective force of industry expertise. Today, Reach Real Estate has become a much more recognized name in their market.

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