REVEL Realty Inc.

The Challenge

In the vast landscape of Canadian real estate, Revel found itself at the start of a new journey. As a recently founded brokerage, they faced a major challenge to secure recognition while attracting high-performing agents and standing out in an industry saturated with established names. Revel had to rise above the noise, garner attention, and make a mark.

What We Did

To propel Revel into the spotlight, we orchestrated a multifaceted marketing campaign. Our strategy was comprehensive, spanning social media activations, strategically placed billboards, and distinctive signage that resonated with their potential customer base.

We designed a visual identity that encapsulated Revel’s essence – a brand that exuded contemporary professionalism and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The campaign was a combination of strategic messaging and captivating visuals designed to garner attention.


Revel went from being a new player to a prominent presence in the Canadian real estate scene. The marketing campaign catapulted them into relevance, sparking attention and curiosity. Their new bold and distinctive branding became synonymous with innovation and excellence. High-performing agents were drawn to the brokerage, recognizing it as a hub of opportunity and growth.

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