Richard Robbins International

The Challenge

Richard Robbins International Inc. has been providing leading-edge sales and business training solutions to real estate agents, mortgage brokers and leaders at all levels since 1998. Richard and Sue Robbins partners in life and business built the business from the ground up and have been providing their programs and services to countless customers for 25 years.

The challenge they continued to encounter was that their current brand did not represent the expertise and excellence of their services. In addition, the team at RRI were not receiving market recognition for the place of leadership their company held in the industry.
They were Canada’s #1 sales training company but were not recognized as best in class yet.

What We Did

After careful analysis of the business and research of the market RRI operated in, M Industries worked closely with the team at RRI to overhaul its entire visual identity and marketing strategy.

We provided strategy and implementation on all aspects of the business from brand photography and curated content to creating and developing their digital platforms. Through careful implementation of innovative strategies, we turned RRI from a sales based culture to a marketing genius — reaching more qualifies markets, sharing intelligent content, and inspiring a tribe like following.


This new vision gave RRI an edge on the competition and a recognizable brand, providing them with a clear set of values to function and thrive in as a business.

With a strong brand and marketing foundation in place RRI is able to grow their audience with ease, reach new markets and enrich more lives and careers than ever before.

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