Rina Dirisio

The Challenge

For Rina DiRisio, a real estate professional of unparalleled talent, the challenge lay in the shadows. Despite her exceptional skills and expertise, she found herself confined to a small business paradigm, somewhat unknown, and often referred to by those who did know her as Oakville’s best-kept real estate secret. We love Rina and wanted to elevate her into the spotlight, transform her brand, and ensure that she received the recognition she rightfully deserved.

What We Did

For Rina, we developed a brand identity that was nothing short of bold and captivating. We understood that to make an indelible mark, we needed to make her the talk of the town.

Our creative journey extended beyond traditional branding. We leveraged the power of social media activations and cutting-edge marketing tactics to introduce Rina to a wider audience. The centerpiece of our strategy was a brand identity that was as impactful as it was memorable.


The results for Rina were spectacular. Once her new look was rolled out, she went from being Oakville’s best-kept secret to one of its most celebrated real estate leaders. The bold brand identity, particularly the striking red color, became synonymous with Rina’s excellence.

Her business witnessed a remarkable uptick, with clients and colleagues alike flocking to experience the magic of the Rina DiRisio Team. The recognition she received was both heartfelt and long overdue. Oakville was abuzz with talk of her brand, and the vibrant red hue became an emblem of excellence in real estate.

Since then, Rina has achieved a new level of success, complete with accolades and the respect she had always deserved. Her journey from obscurity to prominence was a testament to her commitment to excellence and the power of transformational branding.

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