Team Rod Frank


For 30 years, Rod Frank has run a successful real estate agency in the city of Hamilton. As a strong salesman and team leader, Rod and his team had earned the trust and admiration of their communities but their marketing was not producing desired results and it was proving to be a challenge to grow the team.

Rod contacted us as he recognized a need to develop a stronger market position and communicate the value of the Rod Frank Team. It was clear that the competition in the Hamilton area had stepped up their game and it was time to elevate.

What We Did

We engaged in an in-depth research and analysis of the organization and rebranded them to be recognized for their unique value proposition. We spoke to past and current clients who shared their impression of the agency being client focused, results driven and rooted in integrity. This unanimous message led us to the idea of Team Rod Frank being “Hamilton’s Most Trusted Real Estate Team”.

Their new brand identity uses the colours of the city of Hamilton in a sophisticated palette. Their new logo is simple yet memorable, and their new brand statement “Let’s be Frank” has been turning heads and capturing audience attention. The branding is now bold, positively disruptive, and a refreshing take on traditionally tired real estate marketing known to the area. We launched Team Rod Frank’s new brand with an eye-catching environmental campaign and articulated their market position through stunning imagery and key brand statements.


The most important accomplishment for a new brand in a saturated market is to stand out and command attention. This is especially true in the real estate industry, and we have accomplished just that for Team Rod Frank, or TRF for short. Soon after TRF went to market with the new brand, the impact started to show through phone calls, emails and a renewed public interest in the company. The curiosity continued so much that Rod decided to double his marketing spend to benefit from the increase in business.

The redesign of their digital space has also brought a new clientele to TRF. They are now speaking to sellers and buyers of all ages, backgrounds and are reaching a market beyond the Hamilton and surrounding areas.

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