The Papousek Team

The Challenge

For The Papousek Team or PPRE, the challenge was a brand stuck in the past whose competitors embraced modernity. Despite their success in the luxury real estate market, they were confined to a small market in South Mississauga. The old-school tactics of door-knocking and referrals had served them well, but they were exhausted by the relentless effort required for every deal. Peter Philip Papousek’s lament – “nobody knows who we are” – epitomized their challenge.

What We Did

To transform PPRE, we began by speaking to their clients, the heart of their success. We discovered that their clients trusted them implicitly, even without a strong brand presence. We interviewed the team to unravel the secrets behind their multi-million dollar listings and success in the luxury market.

Armed with this knowledge, we built a luxury brand that not only represented their expertise but also their unique product. We designed a comprehensive marketing plan, crafted engaging social media campaigns, and orchestrated community events and initiatives to bring PPRE into the limelight.


PPRE underwent a complete transformation, emerging as a recognized and respected luxury real estate agency. They were no longer confined to South Mississauga; their reach extended far beyond. They added new areas to their business and expanded their team to accommodate the surge in demand.

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