Thrive Fitness Worldwide

The Challenge

For THRIVE, a budding force in the fiercely competitive world of personal training, the path to success was not without its share of hurdles. Operating across two distinct nations, Canada and the United Kingdom, presented a unique set of challenges. Though having extensive individual experience, as a company, they were relative newcomers in the personal training industry so they faced an uphill battle to carve a niche for themselves amidst established competitors. Our goal was to help become a name that stands out on both sides of the Atlantic.

What We Did

Since we thrive on challenges, THRIVE’s predicament was a perfect one for our expertise. Our journey began by harnessing their individual expertise and unique personalities, which already sets them apart in the personal training sphere. We recognized that their true power lay in their authenticity.

To create a brand that resonated with both the Canadian and UK markets, we took a quick trip overseas and immersed ourselves in British culture and their latest fitness trends. The visit allowed us to not only understand the nuances of the UK market but also to weave the essence of both nations into the very fabric of THRIVE’s brand identity.

With that deeper understanding of their strengths and their target markets, we carefully crafted a brand that not only showcased their expertise but also reflected their passion for fitness and well-being. The result was a brand that seamlessly fused the essence of two nations, representing the global reach of THRIVE.


The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Today, THRIVE stands as a testament to the power of branding that transcends borders. The brand we crafted positions them for exponential growth in more than just Canada and the UK. Their journey from being newcomers to becoming influential players on a global scale is an inspiration tale for all aspiring brands.

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