Being referred to Sabaina and M Industries is the greatest thing to ever happen to my career. I was a realtor who was looking to elevate my business to the next level for a long time but I couldn’t find the right marketing company who saw the same vision as I did. And then I met Sabaina. We had an initial meeting where we got to know each other and hit it off right from the start. She really took the time to get to know me in order to create the most unique brand that truly reflects who I am and how I want to be portrayed to my clients.

Sabaina came up with the most incredible idea to fly to Italy to incorporate my Italian heritage into my branding, photography, videos and website which is something that no other marketing professional would have ever thought of or even had the resources to do. She built me a high end luxury brand that has never been done by any realtor in Ontario before.

Sabaina’s expertise and in depth knowledge of the real estate industry and constantly changing market cannot be matched and this is why she is the absolute best person to position any realtor for success. Ever since I hired Sabaina my online presence looks extremely professional and I am on pace to have the best year of my career. This has been a life changing experience for me and she made a lifelong client along the way. I’ve also made an amazing new friend along the way. 5 stars!