Palazzo Riccucci

We came across M Industries on Instagram in 2018. Their services and track record are impressive, so we sent a message. Sabaina happened to be in Rome at the time and we connected right away. A few months later, we flew Sabaina to our hotel in Marche for a week and we had many discussions about our brand and marketing needs. Sabaina and her team are highly skilled in their field. They showed us the opportunities in our business and have been instrumental in our growth as a destination for travel and in the expansion of our market share.
Their strategic plan, market insights, and experience in hospitality has brought our hotel measurable growth. Our renewed digital marketing and social media outreach has allowed us to expand our reach and attract guests from a wider audience.

We have found working with an international marketing agency very beneficial. They think like our guests and can, therefore, connect us with our target audience better than a local agency. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with M Industries.