The Buzz Conference

I had a chance to sit down and have a talk with Sabaina Malik over coffee at lovely community branded coffee houses on a number of occasions. We not only discussed opportunities, but various components of brand & marketing. She is very passionate about her work & enhancing the message and its value both online & offline for business professionals. Sabaina spoke recently at our On-Line Buzz Conference for the Canadian Women’s Association of Realtors iwCONNECT, Queen Bee Edition. Her message resonated with all Attendees. She spoke on Brand & Marketing, and being authentic yet also relevant during exceptional times but also during crisis.
While we navigate COVID-19, and as we pivot, we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our business. Sabaina made it clear we need to humanize our message to elevate & enhance our reputations both personally & professionally. How communities, clients, colleagues and others see us, will be determined not by our logo or tag line, but by our voice & corporate responsibilities as humans. That was Sabaina’s message iwCONNECT and she delivered it beautifully to us.

Thank you Sabaina, looking forward to working with you again soon!

Virginia Munden

The Buzz Conference,

The Canadian Women’s Council of Realtors,